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Cooper Fire Alarm System The Cooper Fire range of equipment includes Detectors, Call Points and Sounder.Cooper's high specification intelligent addressable control panel are available in various loop configurations. These panels combine sophisticated functionality with simple operation and an aesthetically pleasing design. All EN Compliant. Cooper Fire Analogue Addressable Detectors. CF3000 Addressable Fire Alarm Panel – EN54 & UL Listed Key Product Features: Eaton Cooper Fire Alarm Panel CF3000 is a high specification intelligent addressable control panel which is available in various loop configurations. These panels combine sophisticated functionality with simple operation and an aesthetically pleasing design. The large capacity, ability to support complex cause and effect programming and wide range of user controllable functions make the system suitable for a diverse range of projects from sheltered housing to large office developments. The CF3000 uses soft addressing to minimize installation time and remove the potential for error associated with manual addressing. It can operate as a stand alone panel or as part of a networked system. They have powerful programming options that allow configurable control over whether messages from specific panels are transmitted around the network or remain local. Features: Available in 1, 2 and 4 loop versions Up to 200 addresses per loop Full network capability up to 126 panels Large versatile touch screen user interface Multi-language selection capability Integral printer (optional) Integral battery and power supply Flexible cause and effect programming Benefits: Simple to operate end user touch-screen interface Flexible distributed network capability Full range of compatible accessories Easy to design system cause and effect using site installer software Full system integrity with Cooper managed protocol Products Part : CAP320 Addressable Sensor, Optical, CAPT340 Addressable Sensor, Opto-Heat, CAH330 Addressable Sensor, Multi-Mode Heat,
450Mbps High Power Wireless N Router (TL-WR941HP) uperior Range – High power amplifiers and high-gain antennas provide enhanced wireless range up to 10, 000 sq ft. Wall-Penetrating Wi-Fi – Enhanced Wi-Fi signal cuts through walls and obstacles, eliminating dead zones 3 Modes Functionality – Offers three wireless modes, including Router, Range Extender, and Access Point 450Mbps Wireless Speed – Ideal for video streaming, online gaming and VoIP
Panasonic KX-TES 824 The KX-HTS824 is an advanced Hybrid IP-PBX for SMB. It has a capacity for up to 24 extensions to exactly meet the scale of SMB market. Priced affordably while possessing all the necessary standard functions built-in. The KX-HTS824 is a SIP trunk ready system, and no external devices need to be purchased for IP usage. Another unique feature is the built-in router and Wi-Fi access point. The KX-HTS824 works as a voice processing platform and also as a network device. A full line-up of terminals is available for the KX-HTS824, enabling optimal communication for SMB businesses. This system also achieves exclusive simplicity for setup and maintenance. Even for business trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices), the KX-HTS824 brings you a solution with built-in functionality.
BOSCH PLENA-EASY POWER AMPLIFIER. POWER AMP ONLY WITH 100V LINE, 8Ω OUTPUT. High-power plug-and-play cost effective power amplifiers that deliver 120 and 240 Watts to constant voltage or 8 ohm loads. Built with premium quality and protections, they offer basic functionality at a budget price
Glossary of different types of security equipment PIR: short for ‘Passive Infrared Detector’, PIRs are the standard motion detectors used in the security industry usually positioned in the top corner of a room. Contact: a simple ‘contact-based sensor’ normally fitted to a door which activates the alarm if the two sides of the contact are separated. Vibration sensor: a sensor that activates the alarm if it detects vibration. Usually fitted near window areas as a way of protecting intrusion via windows (i.e. if one is forced or smashed) without the need to install a PIR. The use-case for this is usually when there are large dogs in the property and PIRs (and even Pet PIRs) aren’t suitable. Alarm panel (control panel): the alarm panel or control panel is the ‘brains’ behind the alarm system, providing the core central computer processor that manages all the functionality of the alarm system. If the system is ‘wired’ then all wires will feed back to this central panel. Control panels are usually located out of sight e.g. under the stairs or in a cellar or loft. Key pad: most modern alarm systems now have remote key pads which you can locate around the house to set and unset the alarm. In most houses, the key pad is usually located next to the front door, so you can easily set/unset the system as they enter .
AN intelligent, Effective & Versatile Intruder Alarm System. Small in size in size, Big In Features, packed with simple Plug & Play Function enabling installation within minutes. System with Selftaught, smart features for you and your loved ones. This professional, sophisticated, reliable and user-friendly control panel incorporates triple digital telephone/radio/GSM communicator to Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) and private account numbers. FEATURES : Panel Integration with GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP, SMS, and Long Range Radio transmitters. Hybrid intruder alarm, integrates HARDWIRE & WIRELESS Zone-doubling and zone-copying for cost-effective installations. Fast programmer with pre-sets for quick and error free installation. Continuous battery and telephone line testing. Events log, time and date stamped User-Friendly. Easy installation and mounting. Multi language menu driven program for users and installers on the illuminated LCD. Programmable names for zones and users on the LCD. Internal chime. CAN BE INTEGRTED WITH VDP AND EM LOCK TO ACCESS ACTIVITIES AT DOORSTEP OF PREMISE. GreenArmindicationled. Red Fault indication led. Support All Popular Web browser ( IE, Firefox, Anorid, Safari) Digital Zooming on Live & Playback Two-way audio alarm communication with your monitoring station through built-in, high-quality speakers and microphones Easy access emergency keys (Fire, Auxiliary or Medical, and Panic) Easy-to-view status lights Numerous false alarm reduction features Easy installation and mounting. Stay Arm lets you secure the perimeter of your home and still move about freely inside. Away Arm allows you to protect your home when no one is present. The Chime function notifies you through distinctive sounds when doors or windows are opened and closed. Different chimes can be attributed to different doors or windows. The Bypass function allows you to arm the alarm system with a door or window open; useful when you are home and decide to open a window to let in some fresh air. The Quick Exit function allows you to open any designated entry/exit zone one time; useful when you need to check the mailbox or let the dog in or out Activating the Fire key immediately sounds the siren warning everyone inside and transmits a signal to the monitoring station notifying them of the fire. Triggering the Medical/Auxiliary key immediately transmits an emergency signal to the monitoring station informing them of your medical emergency. The keypad will beep predecided times to indicate that the alarm signal has been transmitted successfully. Pressing the Panic key immediately notifies the monitoring station that you are fearful of an imminent personal attack by an intruder VARIANTS : Domestic Industrial
PA brings to you a range of premium quality intelligent video door phone that ensures the safety and security of your family at home and when you are outside the home. Enable you to monitor movement outside your home and also see/talk to visitors to ascertain their identity. This intelligent, distributed processing networking edge device is the primary module to connect door hardware, such as locks and readers, to the network.Accessory modules are available to handle additional doors and input/outputs. The unique systems are the result of indepth ergonomic human hand studies, As we believe that designs should not only look good but also be Intelligent ! Products offer ideal solution for any kind of installation and any environment. The range of our Video door phones is now one of the most complete on the market. Varied sophisticated solutions are available for Villas & Apartments. I-APPARTMENT VDP OUR dedicated technocrats has designed IP-compatible intelligent multiple apartment video door phone for most and perfect security With unlimited extension and number of riser columns, I voice is the ideal system for simplifying installation in residential compounds with a high number of users. Needs may also extremely varies in such large systems, and it has all the answers. Extremely versatile, it manages integrated access control, technological systems (CCTV, intrusion alarms, fire alarms) and many other functions, all from the video door phone system. FEATURES Optical-Fibre-Ready. Switchboard and IP stations. Voice messages for operations in progress. Absence indication and message recording. Door open detection. Duress alarm. Access control with evolved functions. Lift monitor. Intrusion alarm. Video surveillance. Image memory Zone intrusion alarm system Supports multichannel communication Supports access control integration Supports multiple admin units I-VILA VDP Based on TCP/IP technology, boasts a variety of functions. It ensure not only comfortable and secure living environment, but it will also open the door to intelligent digital living. Visitor Identification. Scene Control. VCall Common Phone. Defense Zones. E-album. Timing Control. Multimedia Player. Via Internet. VOIP/IP Phone. Via SMS. Mail Arrival Notifier. Apartment-to-Apartment Communication. Family Message. Visitor Message. VARIANTS Wired Wireless
We manufacture and supply the best quality of EPABX System. By using advanced machinery and equipment, we design the offered EPABX systems in harmony with the industry laid norms and regulations. Owing to its rich features such as compact design, abbreviated dialing facility and automatic call back, the offered systems are highly demanded.  Features: Optimum functionalityHassle-free installationNo disturbance in voice Other Details: Abbreviated DialingAutomatic Call BackBarge inCall Camp onCall ParkingCall Pick UpCall RestrictionCall Transfer3 Party ConferenceDo Not DisturbDay Mode / Night Mode with Serial / Parallel RingingExtension PrivacyHotline on Extension / P & T LineHunting GroupSelective Trunk AccessSimultaneous RingingTone / Pulse Dialing Solutions Communications
Definition - What does Biometrics mean? Biometrics is a technological and scientific authentication method based on biology and used in information assurance (IA). Biometric identification authenticates secure entry, data or access via human biological information such as DNA or fingerprints. Biometric systems include several linked components for effective functionality. The biometric system connects an event to a single person, whereas other ID forms, such as a personal identification number (PIN), may be used by anyone. Biometrics is used for security systems and replacement systems for ID cards, tokens or PINs. A key difference between biometrics and other systems is that biometric verification of physical information requires a person to be present, which adds a layer of security because other ID types can be stolen, lost or forged. A biometric system includes the following components and features: A sensor that grabs data and changes it into a usable, digital format via software. This data may be from human behavioral or physical characteristics, such as a fingerprint or retinal scan. An acquisition device, such as a microphone or scanner, captures the data. A biometric template developed via the biometric system’s signal processing algorithms. These templates are compared to the biometric system’s data storage, and data is usually encrypted for added security. A matching algorithm compares new templates with others held in the biometric system’s data storage facility. A decision process uses matching event results.