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Hikvision LPR Camera Tested Hikvision has expanded into the LPR market, claiming up to 99% capture rates, 95% recognition rates at speeds up to 75mph / 120kmh. We bought and tested the Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS8/P to see how it performs in real-world scenes and how accurate these accuracy claims are. In this report, we examine: Low speed/parking lot capture performance (5-15mph) High speed/roadway capture performance (30+ mph) Accuracy / performance Capture issues (misreads, double reads, and missed captures) Camera installation recommendations Capture zone configuration Plate search and export VMS integration
We Prevent Crime With Latest Alarm Technology And On-Site Surveillance Systems! Smoke Sensor. Motion Sensor. Vibration Sensor. Thermal Sensor. Removal Sensor.
TEXECOM Wired Glass Break Detector (Acoustic) Texecom Impaq Glassbreak. Audio Based •Microprocessor Design •Quad Frequency Analysis •9m Maximum Range •Ultra Wide 170˚ Detection Angle •Digital Flex Detection For Improved False Alarm Immunity •Glass Type Selection: Plate/Tempered/Laminated/Wired •Adjustable Sensitivity •Test Mode
The Panasonic IP Hybrid Switchboard System combines benefits of traditional telecommunications together with the convergence of IP technology. Offering advance features and flexibility, these models can certainly be upgraded to raised end models. Some of the useful and efficient features that the Panasonic Hybrid PBX system offer are; 3-level automated reception with voice guidance, Built in Voice message (BV), unknown caller ID Display on SLTs and APTs that allows for caller recognition and better call management. Not only does the Panasonic PBX systems have many features that will benefit your enterprise but is actually a system which allows for flexible and simple growth with optional cards, they have high end call controlling system and economical cost management function to name a few. Different types of PABX When buying a business PABX telephone system it is important to find out which type of PABX system will be the correct fit for your company. Below we briefly outline different options of PABX systems. Traditional PABX Program A traditional PABX telephone system has a “switchboard box” that attaches numerous phone lines to multiple extensions. The “switchboard box” can also hook up these calls to a physical phone brand of a telephone service provider, such as Telkom, allowing you to make external calls. IP PABX System With an IP based PABX system you have your calls sent over the internet. These PABX set-ups use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and you do not have to use a phone provider to make phone calls. IP PABX systems frequently bring about cost benefits when compared to traditional PABX systems. Managed PABX System A managed PABX system is an offshoot of VoIP technology. What is nice about this PABX option is the fact it allows users to work remotely from their home or on their cell phones while still connecting them to the business telephone system. Just like the IP based PABX with a hosted PABX system you never desire a mobile phone service provider. Virtual PABX System A virtual PABX System is similar to the hosted PABX system and uses VoIP technology. This PABX system is budget friendly and is ideal for smaller businesses which may have low call volumes and few employees. Cross PABX Program With a hybrid PABX system you get the best of both worlds. This unique PABX system combines a traditional PABX telephone system and the latest Voice over internet protocol technology. This is great for companies whose mobile phone lines need to be up all the time. For case, if your telephone company is down, you can use the IP based system and the other way round. A very reliable but often costly PABX system. IP centered PABX systems have be a popular choice among companies as this telephone system provides reliable communication at a reduced cost. Here are some of the features of using an IP PABX system. Benefits of an IP PABX System Easy Management IP PABX systems are run off software and can be utilized via your workplace computer. A person with some basic networking and computer knowledge can configure boost the system. Cost Savings An IP based PABX system uses VoIP technology and because of this significant savings can be attained, particularly if you are making long distance or international calls. Less Wiring VoIP can be used for IP PABX systems and therefore no phone line wiring is need. The system is run off your computer network. Flexible Adding more phone lines to traditional PABX solutions often requires new hardware. With an IP based telephone system it is much simpler to add upgrades and file format to your network. This is also much simpler to move offices and workstations as there is no patching required. It is Easy To Use An IP PABX system is computer based and consequently can be integrated with ease into your current business processes. Confirming is also user friendly as the calls are stored in an internet repository. Easy Diverts Whether or not someone is not at the office they can still receive telephone calls on their mobile telephone. Calls can be easily transferred as a result of VoIP features used for the PABX system. Features VoIP based IP PBX systems are software based and therefore new features can be develop quickly. Most IP PABX systems offer features such as voicemail, diverts, custom reporting and call groupings. Software based telephone systems offer some unique advantages and should be considered not only for companies looking to invest in a good PABX system but even for businesses that already have a regular IP PBX System.
ADDRESSABLE SURFACE CALL POINT COOPER COFCBG370S Eaton has two intelligent addressable callpoints, the standard addressable callpoint (CBG370S) which can be either surface or flush mounted and the weatherproof variant (CBG370SWP) which is built for external environments. Both callpoints are compatible with Eaton's intelligent addressable fire systems and provide attractive, clear design for use in emergency evacuations. The CBG370S and CBG370WP are both simple to install and are supplied with a standard frangible glass element and test key for easy maintenance. A comprehensive range of accessories are available including protective hinge covers, spacer plates, recessing bezels, resetable element kit and spare glass making the Eaton addressable range suitable to all commercial and industrial build needs. Addressable Surface Call Point, Cooper Industries Solutions Communications
AN intelligent, Effective & Versatile Intruder Alarm System. Small in size in size, Big In Features, packed with simple Plug & Play Function enabling installation within minutes. System with Selftaught, smart features for you and your loved ones. This professional, sophisticated, reliable and user-friendly control panel incorporates triple digital telephone/radio/GSM communicator to Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) and private account numbers. FEATURES : Panel Integration with GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP, SMS, and Long Range Radio transmitters. Hybrid intruder alarm, integrates HARDWIRE & WIRELESS Zone-doubling and zone-copying for cost-effective installations. Fast programmer with pre-sets for quick and error free installation. Continuous battery and telephone line testing. Events log, time and date stamped User-Friendly. Easy installation and mounting. Multi language menu driven program for users and installers on the illuminated LCD. Programmable names for zones and users on the LCD. Internal chime. CAN BE INTEGRTED WITH VDP AND EM LOCK TO ACCESS ACTIVITIES AT DOORSTEP OF PREMISE. GreenArmindicationled. Red Fault indication led. Support All Popular Web browser ( IE, Firefox, Anorid, Safari) Digital Zooming on Live & Playback Two-way audio alarm communication with your monitoring station through built-in, high-quality speakers and microphones Easy access emergency keys (Fire, Auxiliary or Medical, and Panic) Easy-to-view status lights Numerous false alarm reduction features Easy installation and mounting. Stay Arm lets you secure the perimeter of your home and still move about freely inside. Away Arm allows you to protect your home when no one is present. The Chime function notifies you through distinctive sounds when doors or windows are opened and closed. Different chimes can be attributed to different doors or windows. The Bypass function allows you to arm the alarm system with a door or window open; useful when you are home and decide to open a window to let in some fresh air. The Quick Exit function allows you to open any designated entry/exit zone one time; useful when you need to check the mailbox or let the dog in or out Activating the Fire key immediately sounds the siren warning everyone inside and transmits a signal to the monitoring station notifying them of the fire. Triggering the Medical/Auxiliary key immediately transmits an emergency signal to the monitoring station informing them of your medical emergency. The keypad will beep predecided times to indicate that the alarm signal has been transmitted successfully. Pressing the Panic key immediately notifies the monitoring station that you are fearful of an imminent personal attack by an intruder VARIANTS : Domestic Industrial
SOLUTIONS COMMUNICATIONS is a direct supplier of security cameras (analog CCTV, 720p and 1080p HD CCTV, and network IP), video surveillance systems, and CCTV equipment (Closed Circuit Television). We supply video surveillance systems for home, business and government. We sell to end users, Re-sellers, and installers. We started our company in 2006 specializing in CCTV camera systems. As technology advanced, we expanded our product offering to network IP cameras and HD security camera systems that use AHD cameras (analog high definition), HD-SDI, and TVI cameras. We also carry hundreds of video surveillance accessories such as DVRs, cables, connectors, tools, test monitors, and more. Video surveillance systems that support with remote Internet viewing is our specialty. Most of our surveillance systems include DVR viewer software for Mac and Windows PCs, as well as mobile camera viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. We sell many complete systems that are pre-configured and easy to install. The team at CCTV Camera Pros constantly strives to provide the best customer service & technical support in the industry. We also provide the most competitive pricing possible on our products. You can read more about CCTV Camera here at WWW.SOLUTIONSBHARAT.Com
Solutions Communications is authorised CCTV Camera Dealer in Gurgaon Haryana. A CCTV Camera Dealer is a company in Gurugram Haryana and committed to provide CCTV Camera to end customer in Gurgaon last many Decades. Gurgaon Haryana is popular city of India and known globally. Many people of Global world are doing Business in Gurugram City. That's make It security first priority of Government to provide security to citizens. Demand of CCTV Camera in Gurgaon is huge with latest technology of products such as Wifi and wireless system. CCTV Camera price is not matter to our CCTV Camera dealers in Gurgaon. We find CCTV camera price in Gurgaon best as compare to other dealers and distributors. CCTV Dealers in Gurgaon is providing surveillance systems to indoor and outdoor security. CCTV Dealer is providing affordable CCTV system with new features in Gurgaon. We are multi brand dealer of IP Camera, HD CCTV Camera, Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control System, intruder Alarm and other security products as per requirements in Gurgaon. We are dealer of quality products at competitive price in Gurgaon. We are working with global brands of security systems such as CP Plus, Hikvision, Honeywell, Panasonic, Dahua, Pelco, Axis, Samsung, Sony, D-link, Polycab and Finolex.