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Dual cylinder electronic lock with Three keys for inside opening doors Stainless Steel Finish Alba Urmet electromechanical lock Electromechanical Lock SOLUTIONS COMMUNICATIONS
AN intelligent, Effective & Versatile Intruder Alarm System. Small in size in size, Big In Features, packed with simple Plug & Play Function enabling installation within minutes. System with Selftaught, smart features for you and your loved ones. This professional, sophisticated, reliable and user-friendly control panel incorporates triple digital telephone/radio/GSM communicator to Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) and private account numbers. FEATURES : Panel Integration with GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP, SMS, and Long Range Radio transmitters. Hybrid intruder alarm, integrates HARDWIRE & WIRELESS Zone-doubling and zone-copying for cost-effective installations. Fast programmer with pre-sets for quick and error free installation. Continuous battery and telephone line testing. Events log, time and date stamped User-Friendly. Easy installation and mounting. Multi language menu driven program for users and installers on the illuminated LCD. Programmable names for zones and users on the LCD. Internal chime. CAN BE INTEGRTED WITH VDP AND EM LOCK TO ACCESS ACTIVITIES AT DOORSTEP OF PREMISE. GreenArmindicationled. Red Fault indication led. Support All Popular Web browser ( IE, Firefox, Anorid, Safari) Digital Zooming on Live & Playback Two-way audio alarm communication with your monitoring station through built-in, high-quality speakers and microphones Easy access emergency keys (Fire, Auxiliary or Medical, and Panic) Easy-to-view status lights Numerous false alarm reduction features Easy installation and mounting. Stay Arm lets you secure the perimeter of your home and still move about freely inside. Away Arm allows you to protect your home when no one is present. The Chime function notifies you through distinctive sounds when doors or windows are opened and closed. Different chimes can be attributed to different doors or windows. The Bypass function allows you to arm the alarm system with a door or window open; useful when you are home and decide to open a window to let in some fresh air. The Quick Exit function allows you to open any designated entry/exit zone one time; useful when you need to check the mailbox or let the dog in or out Activating the Fire key immediately sounds the siren warning everyone inside and transmits a signal to the monitoring station notifying them of the fire. Triggering the Medical/Auxiliary key immediately transmits an emergency signal to the monitoring station informing them of your medical emergency. The keypad will beep predecided times to indicate that the alarm signal has been transmitted successfully. Pressing the Panic key immediately notifies the monitoring station that you are fearful of an imminent personal attack by an intruder VARIANTS : Domestic Industrial
TEXECOM Model : TXIAED0009 ( Wired VIBRATION Detector + MC) Digital shock sensor (White) with magnetic contact and Double reed switches – One device for Double Protection on opening doors and windows. – Digital Microprocessor Technology – Tri-Colour LED Indication – Separate Reed Switch & Shock Sensor Alarm Outputs – Includes All Impaq E Features
Server Racks and Cabinets 42U SmartRack Standard-Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet with doors & side panels Solutions Communications
Application IP Video Reuse legacy cable when upgrading from analog to IP security. Long range networking Use HIGHWIRE as a cost-effective means to deploy network connections beyond 100 metres - for example a buried RG-11 cable can be used to deliver a network connection between buildings 500 metres apart. Transportation HIGHWIRE can be used on legacy coaxial cables found in rail transport or elsewhere, and its universal power input makes it well-suited to low-voltage installations. Elevators and mechanisms Because coaxial cable will coil and bend properly, unlike Cat 5 cable, HIGHWIRE provides an ideal means to provide network access to elevator carriages, for VoIP, security, lift panel and other devices. Anywhere there's coax! HIGHWIRE has been deployed over all types of video cable, radar, TV antenna and satellite downlinks, armored steel cables, you name it. 50 ohm coax or cables of other impedance can normally be used without any modification to the unit. Range: Auto-optimizing for all 75 Ohm coaxial cable: 280m (920ft) full-rate over video-grade RG-59 (Up to 350m depending on cable quality) 350m (1150ft) full-rate over RG-6 500m (1640ft) full-rate over RG-11 Network: Auto-configuring for speed (10BASE-T or 100BASE-T) and duplex Use with Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 patch or crossover cables Power: Auto type and polarity detection with detachable screw terminal connector 10-40V DC (max current 140mA at 12V) 20-28V AC (max current 70mA at 24V) Dimensions: 84 x 54 x 24mm (3.3 x 2.1 x 0.95in) / 102mm (4in) including connector 70g (2.5oz)
Texecom Wired Keypad- SatinChrome Texecom Model : TXIDBD0175 ( TEXECOM Wired Keypad- Satin Chrome) Premium Elite Satin Chrome Surface Mount Keypad Gunmetal Finish.Premier LCD Keypad. Large screen 32 Character LCD Display 2 wired zones on-board 1 on-board Output Has built in Proximity tag reader (Proximity feature compatible with Premier Elite panels) More Info ...
TEXECOM Wired Shutter Contact TEXECOM Model : TXIAEF0001 ( Wired Shutter Contact) Heavy Duty Roller Shutter Magnetic Contact High quality Alloy finish Other resistor value available
Wbox Supplier Delhi NCR, VDP W Box Sleek and Elegant Design matching to the Modern Interiors. Wbox Glass panel and Backlit Touch Buttons. Wbox Display: 7'' TFT-LCD (Color). Monitor all outdoor cameras, Talk with visitors & Unlock Doors. Call transfer & Intercom between Indoor Monitors. More than 10 melodies for ring selection Volume, brightness, color and contrast control. 200 snapshots with date and time stamp (Optional function).
W Box VDP leek and Elegant Design matching to the Modern Interiors. Glass panel and Backlit Touch Buttons. Display: 7” TFT-LCD (Color). Monitor all outdoor cameras, Talk with visitors & Unlock Doors. Call transfer & Intercom between Indoor Monitors. More than 10 melodies for ring selection Volume, brightness, color and contrast control. 200 snapshots with date and time stamp (Optional function). Premium Quality Color Video Door phone with 7″ TFT Hands-free Monitor built-in memory that stores up to 200 images. Surface Mount vandal proof Outdoor Camera that gives clear colored images even at night & low light conditions.