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The KX-TDA600 can al

Panasonic TDA 600

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The KX-TDA600 can also integrate with the KXT-VM voice range with integrated email delivery. The developing Business Communications Technology, the top of the range Hybrid IP PBX KX-TDA600 works seamlessly with IT, and combines Voice and Data in one low cost next generation Hybrid solution. KX-TDA600 *Maximum number of Simple Telephone extensions -640 *VOIP compatible, enabling you to make maximum use of the existing network links between offices and Cutting call costs *Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables telephone system and PC to act as one co-ordinates business tool. KX-TDA0103X - PSU-L Large Power supply, 512 power units, 279W - TDE 200/600 KX-TDA0104X - PSU-M Medium Power supply, 128 power units, 140W - TDE 100/200/600 KX-TDE0105X - MEC - Memory Expansion Card TDE, Increased storage (SMDR and billing items) - TDE 100/200/600 v3 KX-TDA0290 - PRI30 - ISDN30 card, 1 x ISDN30 trunk port (ISDN30e and QSIG supported), KX-TDA6181E - ELCOT16 - 16 port Analogue trunk card, CLID support with TDA0193 KX-TDA0170X -DHLC8 - 8 port Hybrid Extension Card, Supports DXDP and XDP (SLT ports) KX-TDA0171X - DLC8 - 8 port Digital extension card, Supports DXDP KX-TDA0172X - DLC16 - 16 port Digital extension card, Supports DXDP. X-TDA6175X - EMSLC16 - 16 port SLT extn card with Message Lamp, NON CLI. KX-TDA6178X - ECSLC24 - 24 port SLT extn card with CLID, PSU-L Must be used with ESLC24 card installed. Panasonic KX-TDA 600 PABX System.

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