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The FPA‐1000‐UL Anal

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The FPA‐1000‐UL Analog Addressable Fire Panel is an advanced analog control panel for small to medium facilities in commercial or public building applications. The FPA‐1000‐UL combines complete built-in Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) equipment such as Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs), Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), relays, power supply, Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT), and Ethernet connection with expandability using the option bus or plug‐in boards. The two integrated NACs can be expanded with remote addressable NAC power boosters and programmed with specific activation patterns. Features: Support for up to 508 points on two analog addressable loops Built‐in Ethernet connector for web‐browser based programming and ConettixIP Alarm-over-IP communication Carbon Monoxide Detector (gas) support meets NFPA 720 (2009) requirements for visual and audible annunciation Auto‐Learn mode for easy provisioning On‐line help and off‐line programming capability provide simple configuration and service. Trouble conditions. The built‐in keypad can be used for total system control and programming even when wearing fireman gloves. In addition, a large 4‐line by 20‐character alphanumeric LCD display shows programmed device point information. Four keys enable Drill, Reset, Silence, and Acknowledge functions. The FPA‐1000‐UL enables various programming approaches: Two different phone or IP numbers Different dialing types for PSTN (pulse only, tone and pulse, or tone only) Individual PSTN line supervision (audible and visual trouble signal in the case of a transmission path failure) Selectable options for Report Steering Groups Programmable acknowledge wait time for each IP reporting Conettix account (15 sec up to 255 sec) Test call frequency individually programmable for each account (4, 12, 24 hour, 7 and 28 day intervals, standard frequency 24 hour) Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs): Two Class A Style Z or Class B Style Y NACs provide up to 4 A of 24 V power (non-synchronized: 2.5 A per NAC; synchronized: 2.75 A NAC 1 + NAC 2 in total) to operate horns, strobes, bells, and other notification appliances. Each NAC can be programmed to provide Temporal Code 4, Temporal Code 3, and steady, puls- ing, and synchronized protocol output for Wheelock, Gentex, and System Sensor notification appliances. Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs): The Bosch FPA‐1000‐UL Fire Panel uses the patented DCP Digital Communication Protocol to communicate with each of the analog addressable devices located on the SLCs. This fast and reliable protocol allows the use of standard non‐twisted, non‐shielded wiring for the SLCs. The FPA‐1000‐UL supports two Class B, Style 4 or one Class A, Style 6 or 7 per SLC. Mounting Considerations: The cabinet can be either semi-flush (requires optional FPM‐1000‐SFMK Semi-flush Mounting Kit) or surface mounted. Depending on the configuration and the battery selection, the FPA‐1000‐UL can be quite heavy. When attaching the enclosure to a surface, use mounting hardware (not supplied) capable of supporting this weight, and reinforce the wall as necessary. Wiring Considerations: The length of wire allowed between the control panel and the last device on a wiring run depends on the current drawn on that wiring run. Reducing the number of devices on a wiring run allows the individual runs to be longer.

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